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Janice Brown

Students work hard taking tough classes, getting good grades, devoting time to extra curriculars and volunteering in the community, and it would seem that applying to college would be the easy part. Unfortunately, the college application process is often confusing and frustrating. The rules seem to change quickly, and it can be tough to know where to apply, what major to choose and the odds of gaining admission. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Janice Brown can help demystify the college application puzzle. She is passionate about helping each student find their ideal college match, so they can pursue what they are excited about in an environment they love.  


She holds a certificate from UCLA’s College Counseling Program and has a commitment to continuing education in the college consulting field. She is an advocate for education equity and inclusion and is a member of professional organizations such as HECA, ICEA and WACAC. She has helped many students reach their college acceptance goals. Book a free consultation with her to learn more. 

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