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About Janice Brown
Founder of  Apply Well College Consulting

Janice Brown, an independent education consultant, loves working with students on their unique college identification/application journeys. She is passionate about helping each student understand the process, identify a balanced college match list, find their authentic essay voice, receive strong letters of recommendation, and much more. Janice works with students as early as 9th grade but is happy to help students at any point in the process.  


Janice Brown holds a College Counseling certificate from UCLA, is a Greenwood Systems’ Career Counselor and has worked in the Academic Counseling Office at Santa Barbara City College. Janice is an advocate for education equity and is a member of professional organizations such as HECA, ICEA, and WACAC. Janice Brown has helped many students reach their college acceptance goals. Book a free consultation with Janice to learn more.  

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