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Start Your College Journey

Together, We Will Forge a Successful Path to Your Future College

Janice Brown likes to spend time with each of her student clients discovering what brings them joy, what they are excited about, and  their perceived challenges. Her unique approach helps students create a path to explore their interests, their talents and identify what is most important to them. Janice guides students every step of the

college planning process by giving solid information with a supportive and warm style.   

Janice will help students and parents navigate a successful path in the  college admissions process:


Understanding Students' and Parents' Goals

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Having a college consultant that gives an in-depth interview and really listens and understands what is important to both students and parents is key to a smooth college application journey. Being available to students and parents ensures that everyone is on the same page. 



Assisting with Important Decisions such as High School Class Selection, Testing and Extracurricular Options

Students Taking Exams

High school course selection is important. Many college programs require specific high school classes in order to be a competitive applicant or to even apply. 

With the ever-changing testing requirements, it's helpful to have testing recommendations for timing, specific tests and tutors.

Extracurricular and volunteer activities are important but finding those that match students' interests can reap huge benefits.

student's passion

Helping Students Discover Their Passion

Students in a Science Class

Interest Identification through in-depth career assessments is a great way to identify possible college majors/programs. These assessments also help define the qualities that are most important to students when considering potential schools.

Apply Well College Consulting uses at least three different assessments to help students understand their interests and preferences.

college matches

Helping Students Identify Ideal College Matches

College Campus

Working with students to create a list of potential schools based on indicated interests and academic profiles is the first step in building a college list. The next step is to provide direction on how to research schools/specific programs to help students narrow their choices.

Creating college visit plans and coaching students on how to have successful college visits helps them feel more confident when taking college tours and meeting with admissions officers. 

Ultimately, each student receives their own curated list of colleges that is uniquely suited just for them.

college application process

Assisting With the College Application Process and Keeping Organized

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Providing students with the tools and information they need for their application journey keeps everything organized. Students receive an online platform to research potential colleges, track their college list, take assessments and upload information including essays and activities résumés. 

Students also receive a timeline for all applications, essays and milestones, so students can plan their time well.

Having a consultant available to answer questions throughout the process and to review applications makes it less stressful for students and parents. 


Guiding Students to Create College Essays in Their Own Unique Voice

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Giving an in-depth overview of all required essays and what is expected from each, provides clarity and helps students understand what is truly needed in each essay.

Brainstorming potential topics for each essay helps students figure out what and how they want to write about their experiences.

Providing unlimited assistance with essay development and feedback ensures students have the room to explore and revise as much as they would like. 

letters recommendation

Helping Students Obtain Optimal Letters of Recommendation and Prepare for Interviews

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Obtaining strong letters of recommendation is important and often more complicated than it appears to be. Providing a strategy for when, whom and how to ask is the key to obtaining the best letters possible.

Explaining the interview process and coaching students for interviews help students feel confident and prepared.

school selection

Assisting with Follow-Up, School Selection and Provide Tools for a Strong Transition to College

College Friends

Working with students after applying and helping them with college portals, ensures that students don't miss anything.


Providing guidance and final-choice assistance when decision letters are received is often helpful and always available. 


Students receive resources to help transition well from high school to college to help students feel more comfortable, confident and successful.  

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