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Praise For Apply Well College Consulting.....

We appreciate all of our clients for providing their thoughtful and kind  testimonials....we worked together as a team.

We are so thrilled for our son. Not only did he get accepted at his first choice, he is deemed a "high scholar" and offered a scholarship to show their commitment to him.  It has really shown him what he can do when he puts his mind to it.  What a boost!  Thank you so much for your guidance and help.  He speaks so highly of working with you, and he has relied on us for virtually nothing.  It has been a real confidence booster.  Your kindness and down to earth approach is exactly what we needed in this crazy, stressful and often misguided quest for a place at college.  Thank you!!! Alice C., Parent

"Janice was so knowledgeable, friendly and supportive! She really helped me navigate the daunting college process and made sure my essays reflected who I really was as an individual. I am immensely grateful for all her insight and experience, highly recommend! " C. C., UCLA Student

"Janice is one of the most talented college counselors I have ever met or worked with. She is always three steps ahead and you never feel like you are missing something, because she will always be on top of things."  S.F., Chico State Student  

"I cannot say enough about Janice Brown!  Her assistance through the college search and application process made ALL the difference for my son! " Barbara G., Parent

"Working with Janice took away our stress. She gave excellent advice to our son and quickly answered all his questions. He was lucky to work with her."  -Nancy W., Parent

"Janice worked with my son and was kind and supportive. She saw great opportunities for him. Janice helped us navigate through this process. We really appreciated her help."  Romina B., Parent

"Janice was a wonderful person to work with. She truly cared about finding the right colleges for her students and was supportive throughout the entire process! She was a go-to person to ask whenever I had any questions and provided valuable insight I wouldn't have gotten otherwise." A. E. Long Beach State, Student

"Janice has been very proactive and helpful throughout the college admission process. She was always available for any questions I had and would prioritize me and my journey. If you’re looking for someone who is looking out for you as an individual, Janice is the college coach for you. "  M.C., UC Berkeley Student

"Janice has been an outstanding resource by giving explanations about how each class or activity will further one's ability to get accepted into a university. She is very encouraging and guides the students to reach their full potential. " Dana S., Parent

"Janice helped me formulate a better understanding of how I need to structure my college essay and showed me the kinds of experiences that I need to include in order to make me stand out in the application process. I got into my dream school!"  

D. S., Brandeis University Student

"Janice Brown is not only overwhelmingly knowledgeable about the college application process, but she is also extremely passionate. She spent so much time getting to know my son's interests and personality which made something we were dreading into a very fun and satisfying adventure."   Ann F., Parent

"Janice is wonderful! My daughter was initially hesitant and daunted by the application process until we met Janice. Janice's kindness and patience was beyond stellar. The trust that my daughter developed working with Janice allowed her to become at ease with the application process, and empowered her to get in all the schools she applied! She is currently in her first year of University of Denver! Janice's approach towards the parents is healthy and appropriate. She does not allow the parent to "helicopter" as they say, but keeps you in the loop with written updates to the parents after each session with your child. I believe this allows your child to work independently, and feel successful by the time all of the applications are in. I have recommended Janice numerous times and everyone I know is thrilled with her. I couldn't agree more!"

Elisa H., Parent


"Mrs. Janice Brown assisted both of my Seniors (yes twins!) with the whole college preparation. Her calm, professional, and knowable advice was priceless. Mrs. Brown took her time to get to know each of our kids in order to guide each of them properly while she encouraged them through the process. The process itself is rigorous; however, with Mrs. Brown’s guidance the experience was exciting and enjoyable. Both of our kids loved working with Mrs. Brown and at the end were accepted in their first-choice college! I highly recommend Mrs. Brown if you’re looking for a smooth process with excellent results! Thank you, Mrs. Brown! You’re the best!" Diana W., Parent


"Janice was very helpful throughout my application process. She helped me so much and had genuine interest in my behalf. 10/10 recommend." C.W., Cal Poly (SLO) Student

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